About Us

Cygnet IT Services CIC (Formerly Management Information Services (MIS)) provide ICT support and services to schools and educational establishments within the London Borough of Sutton. We are an integral part of the Children, Young People and Learning Directorate (CYPLD) aiming to support the use of ICT in schools and helping to increase standards for Sutton’s pupils. Cygnet have provided an increasing level of ICT support and developments for schools over the past 20 years and are proud of our relationships with school staff and understanding of the individual needs of schools.


Cygnet is a 'Community Interest Company' where all income from services provided is re-invested in ensuring the staff employed are experts in their specialised areas and that the infrastructure and equipment which underpin the ICT service is fit for purpose, future-proof and value for money. Consequently, the services provided by Cygnet are competitively priced to provide excellent value for money for schools, allowing for continued improvement.


Working directly with Sutton’s schools has meant that we have been able to implement services of direct benefit and meetng specific requirements. Some of the centrally hosted services are unique to Sutton with very few (if any) other LA’s offering this variety. Our portfolio continues to grow and now supports academies, colleges, children’s centres, youth centres, independent schools, and out of borough schools.


The continued investment in technology has meant that we have a stable foundation on which all aspects of ICT can be integrated and we look forward to new visionary ideas that are identified by schools or LA members.


All Cygnet technicians and relevant admin staff are enhanced CRB checked and all staff have a strong ICT background in the education sector. The aim of Cygnet is to support schools in raising standards in education using ICT as a cross-curriculum tool and to support administration and business needs.


In providing a centralised IT support service Cygnet are effectively a ‘one stop shop’ for schools, removing the need for maintaining their own ICT support staff with the ongoing problems of training, recruitment and retention.


This portfolio has been designed to provide an overview of the services available in Sutton which I hope gives you confidence in our commitment to you and your staff. If you require any further information or would like to discuss any aspect of ICT please email us or call +44 (0)20 8619 1200.