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The parents, teachers and children of St. Elphege's Catholic School work together to give the best start in life to our children.


St Elpheges was opened in 1969 and celebrated it's 40th anniversary in September 2009

The school was opened by the Bishop.

Parents can access all newsletters and information through our

Managed Learning Environment ( MLE )

Please use the parent username : stelpheges

and password : parent

Parents and carers can view their children's year group at their e mail username.319 and their e mail password.

Infant parents and carers will be given their child's username and password until they are in year 3, when they will take responsibility for these as part of good internet safety practice.



This page includes:




What is it?


6 simple rules to remember to make life at school safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Keeping the rules will result in special GOLDEN TIME when the children can enjoy activities of their choice that they don't normally get the chance to do at school.

The GOLDEN RULES are.........

Do be gentle.............................................................Don't hurt anyone

Do be kind and helpful............................Don't hurt people's feelings

Do be honest.................................................Don't cover up the truth

Do work hard.............................................................Don't waste time

Do look after property........................Don't waste or damage things

Do listen to people.......................................................Don't interrupt

We also have a CHILDREN'S CODE OF CONDUCT based on the Golden Rules that we ask parents and children to read, talk about and sign.

In our school we will try, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to follow the way of Jesus to love god Our Father and to love and respect each other. Our children's code to help us means :

1. It is my right not to be hurt by fighting, kicking or in rough play.

2.It is my responsibility to be kind and caring to others.

3. It is my right for adults and children to listen to me.

4. It is my responsibility to listen to others.

5. It is my right to enjoy all that school provides in work and play and that my parents will help me.

6. It is my responsibility to be on time for school and to take care of my books and equipment.

7. It is my right to have a safe place to keep my clothes and books.

8. It is my responsibility to be tidy with my property and careful with others.

9. It is my right to be loved and respected because I am important.

10. It is my responsibility to respect other people and to show my concern for them.

At the beginning of each academic year we send this to all Parents, Carers and Children to read together and sign for return to school.

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Audit of Behaviour, Discipline and Bullying

These questions have been sent to parents,children and staff to audit their views on behaviour in our school together with our Anti Bullying leaflets for parents and children.

For parents :

1. What rewards do you think your child should receive in school for good behaviour?

2. What kinds of punishment do you think your child should receive in school for inappropriate behaviour?

3. What rewards or punishments do you think could be extended to the home to support the school's action?

4. In our school we welcome parents and pupils of all races and backgrounds and any who are disabled. Are you aware that this is a legal obligation? What do you know about our policies in this region?

5. What do you consider to be bullying?

6. Please look at the Anti-bullying leaflets. How useful is the parents leaflet? How useful is the leaflet to your child?

7. Do you know what to do if you think your child is being bullied?

8. Does your child know where to go if worried or upset?


For children :

1. What are the most important rules in our school?

2. What happens if you don't keep the rules?

3. What happens if you do keep the rules?

4. What would you do if someone hurts you or is unkind to you?

5. Can you give some examples of what you mean when you say someone has hurt you or is unkind to you?

6. What should happen to people who hurt you and are unkind to other children?

7. Are there places in the school where you don't like to go?

We welcome any other comments, which will help us develop an effective policy on discipline, behaviour and anti-bullying.


We have Behaviour Policies, which deal with behavior, anti- bullying (including Cyber Bullying- see our E Safety Policy ) and a definition of bullying. You can read these in Positive Behaviour .


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The Federation of St Elphege's Catholic Schools Parents Association

From the P.A.


Our Parents Association organises events throughout the School Year. we hold events to raise desperately needed additional funds for both infant and junior schools. Over recent years, parents have raised funds to purchase books, computer and playground equipment, all of which have directly improved our children's school life.Both our school athletics team and choir need new kit and our little ones need more books. These are just a few items from a large wish list. It is only through committment of us the parents that our schools can hope to receive some of the essential equipment that government will not provide.



'' Fund raising requires a huge amount of effort and help from Parents, Friends, Sponsors and Teachers. We need your support at these events in so any different ways. ''

If you have a suggestion or idea for an event or activity, we would be happy to hear it. Please contact us ! ''

If you can help, please contact the PA or leave a note with either school office.



The school office will no longer deal with ordering or distributing school uniform.

Complete the order form that you can access on Fronter.

E mail it to the PA at or hand it to the office with the money in a NAMED envelope. The PA will then complete your order for collection at the office.

Your PA Contacts are..........Nicky Townsend ( Y6 staff )

Joan Mabey (Y4 Parent )

Catherine Elson ( Y1, Y4 Parent/ Y2 staff )






Breakfast Club runs from 7.45 (no earlier, please). Please contact the office for the current cost.Please let us know in advance if you wish your child to attend.


The Club takes place every Friday, from 2.30-4.30. Please contact the office for the current cost. This MUST be paid in advance, and from next half term we will be providing receipts to avoid confusion.

Friday Club finishes promptly at 4.30. Please pick up your children on time. The school will be locked at 5.00.


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