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Our Mission Statement is :

' With God everything is possible.'

The Federation of St. Elphege's Catholic Schools will give every child the best possible education because each individual is uniquely created and precious to God. as a Catholic community, guided by the Holy Spirit, we will follow the example of Jesus Christ in all aspects of daily life.

With the help of God we will........



We also have many other policies that enable our children to achieve well because of good teaching and a well-planned curriculum. Excellent care, guidance and support will lead to good personal development and well-being for all pupils.

We have carried out a survey of Behaviour and Bullying with parents, children, teachers and governors. This will form the basis of our reviewed policies. Please review the Questionaires and ideas for Golden Time in Parents, Teachers and Children and let us know what you think or your experiences.



If you would like to arrange to visit us to see any of our policies in practice, please contact us by phone or e mail.


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